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D-Bol Facts vs. Myths

D-bol Facts vs. Myths


#1 – D-bol is dangerous in any amount. This is false. Although some people should avoid using D-bol if they have preexisting conditions like high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, or high cholesterol, healthy individuals who choose low doses of D-bol over short periods of time experience few to no adverse effects.

#2 – D-bol causes ‘roid rage. This is another untrue statement. In fact, even some clinical studies have shown that D-bol actually enhances mood when used in doses less than 50mg per day for periods of no more than eight weeks.

#3 – D-bol users must continue to use steroids or they will lose all of their gains. Actually, people who gain muscle with D-bol can keep it permanently with a healthy diet, strong workout routine and a healthy lifestyle.

#4 – D-bol is harmful to the liver. Although this statement is actually true, liver damage is mitigatable with recommended doses. It is necessary to use extreme caution when pairing D-bol with other oral steroids as this intensifies the effect.

D-Bol FAQ's


What is D-bol?

D-bol, short for Dianabol for sale, is an anabolic steroid that has been incredibly popular since the mid-1950s. Although it is now considered a controlled substance since government officials believe that the side effects outweigh the benefits, athletes and bodybuilders still use it to improve their muscle mass quickly and efficiently.

How much D-bol should I take?

Beginners may start with 10mg/day doses and expert users may take as much as 50mg/day. No one should exceed eight weeks of D-bol use in any cycle.

How long does it take to get results?

Although most people feel the effects of D-bol after the first few doses and start noticing gains right away, much of the gains in the first week are attributable to water retention. Real muscle mass accrues from the second week onward.

How can I prevent serious effects like gynecomastia and testicular atrophy?

Gynecomastia and other similar effects are the result of the buildup of estrogen in the body. Similarly, testicular atrophy occurs due to the lack of testosterone. Using a testosterone supplement and aromatase inhibitor during D-bol cycles prevents both.

How do I take D-bol? Is it a pill or a shot?

D-bol is actually available in both preparations, and both are equally toxic to the liver. As such, people with liver or kidney conditions should not use D-bol in either form.

Is it a once-a-day dose?

This depends on your preference. You may choose to take the full daily dose all at once about 30 minutes prior to a workout, or you may choose to divide the daily amount into two or three doses throughout the day to enjoy steady energy.

How much will I gain?

Most seasoned users report gaining anywhere from 20 to 30 pounds during a cycle, but your results will vary based upon your tolerable dose, your diet, and your workout regimen.

What are the most common side effects, and are they dangerous?

When used exactly as recommended and along with aromatase inhibitors and testosterone supplements, the side effects are usually mild. They include oily skin, water retention, and acne. Some men may notice faster progression of male pattern baldness, but no clinical link between the two exists.

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